Sunday, February 03, 2008

Extreme Offshore Kayak Fishing

Well this was a new one one me. Seems like these kayak people wanted to try fishing 40 miles offshore on a relatively calm day and found a convincing captain to make the voyage. The story told on was that they first tried some small fishing on the bottom and caught some beeliners (Vermillion Snapper) and were extremely pleased. Then, it was Tuna Time.

Only one kayak hooked up on a large yellow fin tuna and it took the poor fellow for a two mile Nantucket Sleigh Ride. Two miles, folks! Danny here in the picture (peace out man) paddled like all heck to catch the pair and latched onto the first kayak to slow down the monster fish. Meanwhile the M/V Cherise maneuvered closer.

Dang if the 100-some pound tuna didn't break the reel holding the tuna so the crew frantically worked to splice the line onto a heavier fishing pole but it parted before the knot was nailed.

These fearless kayakers decided it was the time of their lives and want to do it more. I wonder if this would be fun off South Padre instead of way up the coast?

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