Thursday, February 07, 2008

Open Door Days

Ah, when it gets over 65 degrees the door is thrown open in typical South Padre style, rarely ever seen with a screen door. You can tell when the locals are happy because they have their doors wide open. No need for air conditioners or heaters, nice.

And we have plenty of happy open door days on SPI. In the summer it's mainly in the morning, and in October the mosquitoes can be bad all day long. But other then a few fronts and storms, an open door policy is always good while your home.

When the wind gets up in the afternoon you have to be careful, though, because if you open the back door as well your house could become a wind tunnel, as papers and linen flies its merry way out the door. One open door at a time is a good idea in high winds, trust me.

After all those years of working in sterile offices with no open windows, this surely is a treat.

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Everett said...

Hey Sam, Bite Me! All our doors are nailed shut for another month or so. If we open two doors, both of them depart the house on the downwind side!! But my old 10K wind generator makes enough money to keep buying "new and improved" ones! BTW, my "plummies" each have six to eight new leaves! This is year number five for them, so hopefully we will get some flowers too. We do have three bird of paradise plants with three or four blooms on each right now though. Pretty flowers, but awful looking plants!