Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Juss Workin'

Not much happening, except another house caught on fire today (the third), you have to watch out for Winter Texans on bicycles, and the storm sewer truck was making hideous sounds once again. Been working mainly, a good thing because this place is expensive and I just bought some $7,000 software.

The days pass as I fill up the bird seed feeder for ravenous birds, thinking "hey, are these little twits taking advantage of me?" Oh well, having over 200 wild birds on your porch sure is cool, and some of the passers-by notice.

I was going to write about the "fish wars" and how about the federal fishing regulations are going to ruin everything, but after talking about it with some local captains, they suggested to forget about it, have fun, surf lots, and drink lots of cold beer. OK, sounds good enough for me.

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