Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sandy Feet's Walk of Fame

Word on the sandbar is that Sandy Feet was nominated for the Walk of Fame that includes notables like the Turtle Lady Ila Loescher. I say it is time, after all these years, to recognize Lucinda for all the great things she has done.

Al Gore didn't invent the internet and Sandy Feet didn't either but she was the first to market our Island using computers with her sacred Macs and Apples. Not only that, with Amazing Walter she invented Sand Castle Days, which has an interesting history dating back to 1989. Nobody has sold this Island for so long and so hard as Sandy Feet, other than some very good real estate agents.

Sometimes we need to celebrate our locals as really making a town or city what it is, and each town should recognize the people who somehow added a good reputation, and almost become legendary. Camden Maine has "Cappy" the schooner captain. Austin has Leslie the cross-dresser to keep Austin weird. One town in Colorado recognizes "Bob the Bridge" because I guess they were tired of the locals and really liked their bridge. We were and still are blessed with Sandy Feet, professional sculpture artist.

As William Blake the poet might say, the soul of a city is equally important as it's inns, taverns, and economy. You can't measure the soul of a city but Sandy Feet shines here pretty darn good. 'Nuff sed.

Happy Valentines Day, girl!


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don Miguel said...

'Kudos' to our own SPI Sandy Feet!
And who makes a wonderful 'Island legend'!

Thanks for all you do for our island!