Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sea Fog 2.13

You really can't take a good picture of sea fog but that's what we had today, and a good 'un. Midday you could see the stuff lined up right at the surf-line at the beach. Then it moved back in at dusk. Wow, this was better than what they call "Nantucket Pea soup." Anyway it was foggy most all day. Still is.

But ... there were those outlines of the palm trees and no matter how scruffy they look during the day, look fantastic at night. Back-lit in the fog. In the shadows. Hey I just opened the door and the palms are there but I can't see the water tower 1/4 mile away. There should be a bright red aviation warning light on the top of the water tank and ... goners, even used glasses this time, not visible. No zoobie (aren't new words fun?).

My old bloggy profile says "onward through the fog" but maybe a bad idea when the stuff is so thick you can cut it with a butter knife. Please don't go onward, whoa Trigger! Down boy.

But SPI always amazes you, five minutes later I check outside and there was a break in the clouds and this giant moon was there ... the giant water tower zoob was back, and the wind had freshened up one notch, nice. OK, fog's still there but let's go onward, slowly.

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