Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time to Water the Plants

I was setting a plant or two in the backyard and noticed that even two and a half feet down, the soil was pure powder, completely dry. So I filled each hole with water, which took a while to drain, and then top-watered really good, including some of the other plants. I hadn't seen it that dry in several years, as I guess we were blessed with heavy winter rains last year.

True, I did see we hadn't had much rain except for an inch or so here and there since last October, and it has been 60 days since a good rain. An article in today's local Harlingen paper said that the farmers cannot plant dry-land cotton at all unless it rains. It makes sense now, after all that digging today.

Hopefully we'll get some needed rain on Tuesday with the next front but the last update from the weather geeks is only a 30% chance. I'd deep-water some plants if you don't have a sprinkler system for sure.


Anonymous said...

Water all you want... it's currently 11 degrees here!

Sam said...

Sounds like how we used to make a hockey rink in a abandoned parking lots when I was a kid in Connecticut.

Still have war injuries from those days!