Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Explanation and Apology

Due to unpopular demand, I have taken some heat for my comments regarding "grumpy old people" and rightly so. I must explain, but first let me apologize to the good people, residents, and visitors in advance: I am sorry.

Shortly after we moved down here there was a very contested election which ended up as basically a mud-slinging festival. In one corner was Rick Ridolfi, a man I really like and did support, and in the other corner were challengers backed by what was called the Laguna Madre Business Association, something like that. It was horrible, with personal attacks on Rick and his wife, Gloria; he was even accused of grabbing his crotch while speaking in front of another woman.

Honestly folks, I didn't want to bring up such negativity but those were and still are the facts. I retaliated by calling them all a bunch of grumpy old [expletive deleted]. It was too much for what I thought was my idea of paradise, laid back people, and beautiful beaches. The business coalition was able to elect several to the Board of Alderman in a crushing blow to Mr. Ridolfi, for reasons I cannot fathom today. It was evident that Islanders believed all the mud-slinging, lies, rumors, half-truths, meanness, and invented failures.

To make it worse, we ended up with a BOA having a majority of votes that seemed quite receptive to whatever the developers wanted in the way of special variances, larger buildings, exceptions here and there, and ways to profit more from the construction and condo industry. It became clear as night and day what was happening. The group that was somewhat behind Rick Ridolfi went ballistic ... rather grumpy if you get my drift. You can still see some of these folks, who are not necessarily old (although many had pro-retirement sentiments), over at Jason's SPI Forum. But I called both camps "grumpy old people" because they didn't like it - I wanted a more moderate approach to Island matters.

It didn't work.

Both camps jumped on me like Richard Simmons chasing after ladies trying to get them to exercise. I started withdrawing from Island politics about then in complete frustration. Thank goodness I did not agree to run for the BOA or anything stupid like that. These days I just want to enjoy the Island, not make any enemies, and start saving for a nest egg after a bunch of large expenses like moving down here, having kids in college and needing money, and stuff like that. I literally can't afford to be negative and cause a ruckus.

So I won't use the phrase again but you know why it is a sore spot in my conscience. Again I'm sorry; I like everyone from little babies to those 80 year olds with those cool historical tales - don't think they didn't have fun back in the old days! I really don't know any "bummer" people that I've met down here.

Not a single one.


Everett said...

Damn Sam, you better look out! They'll have you tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail! Probably be calling you a 'Damned Yankee" for coming from a place 'up north" in Teejas!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Sam. Life sometimes can certainly be " solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short," especially Internet life, apparently.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Will Davis

Anonymous said...

Relax, Sammy!
Have a Hombrew!

See ya this Fall!

Ken T.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Sam, or let the nattering nabobs or internet negativity silence your voice. A couple of those on the forum in particular are jerks though and if I were you I would just state my thoughts on the topic and not direct them to any of the obviously mean people; it just energizes them.

Sam said...

"Nattering nabobs or internet negativity," I think I know you!

Excellent point that when I tried to debate a point that I thought was made too strongly, they became quite enthusiastic.

But it is fun to view SPI Forum and learn such important things such as that we're not only dumb, we're clerical dumb! I wonder how the local church folks think about that one (side note: at one time I was into theology and reading the Bible in Greek for a while, another story).

But no amount of bear-baiting will make me lose my temper now, and I might even post some if I can help provide some meaningful facts and technical (oops, make that clerical) insight.

Yay, Lori's home and later we'll go to Steve Gomez's fundraiser at Louie's. Later,

Anonymous said...

Steve was one of the best friends who I have ever had in my life and one of the most beloved people who has ever lived on the island. His fundraiser is the type of event that typifies why the island is such a special place. Participating in something like that is all you need to remind yourself that the negative nabobs have it all wrong.