Sunday, February 24, 2008

Of Dirty Crocs and a Dying Dog

Shiffra our 14 Y.O. humane society mix dog told me she didn't want any pictures today. I had realized I don't have any pictures of her happy, after a few old computers went kaflooey. She is a cross between a cow-dog and a German Shepard mutt I am most sure. Well she herded everything including Lori and I, so I figure she had a little cow dog in there.

I took a picture of some our Croc shoes we cleaned today, as at least mine were pretty smelly and gross. I had no idea that if you cleaned some fish and then mowed the yard they could be such a tragedy. I have no idea what Shiffra would think because she can barely do more than keep her ears up, she loves hearing Lori so much. I don't think she would mind the shoes in the least.

Dang, almost had her on a big boogie board, a real sponger. Shiffra still is her name.

Update: By 9:30 she had passed and all is OK now except the puppy is very confused. We aired out the house real good because death has a particular smell. It is OK now.


Beerman said...
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Beerman said...

Our Zoe has left this earth also. I should feel lucky we have so many pictures of her. It was a tragic accident and I delayed the obvious for 24 hours for my own selfish reasons. I will miss swimming with her and playing our own special game of water polo. I hope I never forget the way she would bark, telling me to throw the damn ball!

Take care Sammy ol bud,


Tom said...

Sad story. But hang in there, Sam!

Anonymous said...

Sam and Lori, my thougths are with you. Shiffra was a very pretty dog, and to have a family pet gone, well, that is so sad. I'm thinking of you guys....

(in Littleton)