Friday, February 22, 2008

Fish Friday

Well my inshore red snapper trip crashed today but I went to the jetties, and no game fish out there except people catching bait with bait: nada signor. Then I stopped at various places in the area and noted that if there was some kind of recession, the Winter Texans are down here jam packed and amazingly, for lack of fish, very happy. I cruised the old haunts and came to Sea Ranch were I took this picture.

This is not only where we brought in all the cold-stunned turtles a couple years ago, but where I have memories of doing a radical 360 slip on the slimy concrete during that ordeal - Crocs are not good ramp shoes apparently. But as I gazed out I saw many familiar boats, the greyhounds, battle wagons, and sailboats of the Texas Weekend Recreational Navy.

On the left is a very large Hatteras and behind that are at least a dozen shorter Bertrams. The boat in the center is a "playboy" boat because it has no fishing accoutrement such as a tuna tower or fly poles. Obviously, none of them were out fishing today and even the Osprey docks were quiet.

Some party boats were parked by the long jetties in hopes of some kind of fish elusive nibble, although from what I saw the fish were "tourist trout" of doubtable edibility or fighting potential. I did spot a bay dolphin or two and considered myself very lucky, so I went home.

Thank goodness Lori brought home a pound of wild shrimp.


Anonymous said...

we had good some ol'fried gulf shrimp for dinner tonight (it's lent ya know)...... i'm about out so i need to get back down there and swap some o'that nasty bud-light with the shrimpers for mo'

Anonymous said...

About 2 weeks ago, Murpheys boats were bringin back Reds like there was no shortage at all. Everyone smiling. Yet they keep on keeping the season short for individuals while letting the commercial guys mostly alone. Go figure.

I had one offshore guide tell me, that if people just catch "something" they are mostly happy. Even if its not a keeper. If it turns out to be something VERY big, more than half the tourists just catch-n-release anyway. Who has that much freezer space in a Winnebago anyway?

I think the Marina closed the boat ramp you mentioned to the general public some years back. Too much liability.

Most winter Texans seem happy. Some complain about the weather, till you remind them to watch the weather channel for 10 min. Some complain their could be more Bingo or dances or whatever and a few have mentioned they stay up the Valley as they think the local rates are too high. Still local RV parks are almost as full as ever so I guess their is enough demand even at current rates.


Sam said...

Hey Ray Dean that's what we were up to like Murphy's, a short "state water" trip for the large red snapper that come in close to shore this time of year. Some old-timers say you can catch them to 13 pounds right in sight of the island condos. It's about the only thing running now and sounds like a blast.

And sure, I throw most of my fish right back without hurting them, although I have no problem bringing home one nice fat snapper or trout home to Lori for the best fish in the world - anything caught and eaten within five hours.