Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fools Part Deux

You know spring is finally here when our favorite Latin rock/jazz band the Bongo Dogs start playing at the local Tiki bars again. Yes, we have spring break kids and Easter is coming but this is the true bellwether for the locals … dancing all night and such.

The seaweed wasn’t too bad so far this spring but scientists are completely mystified by the large schools of giant squid down by the southern end of the Island near the beaches and breakwater. “I thought I had a bull red,” said one fisherman, “instead it was big ole squid. It was a beeg fight. I guess I have some bait now. Oh no, dees one even bigger!”

Researchers at Pan-Am Biology center can’t quite explain the swarms, being tens of thousands of squid called (unintelligent Latin name). Some swimmers and surfers have been a little shocked because of bumps and the feely-tentacles. “We think they’re mating or something,” said one graduate student, “they mate by feeling stuff with their tentacles and you know, doing their thing.”

While nobody has been bitten or attacked, a few beach-goers complained about “being felt up” in the water. A few dead ones washed up on the beach but were quickly disposed by cleanup crews. Despite the swarms, officials say the beaches are open, even though at times the water turns dark from all the ink, which the squid release when excited.

One surfer who preferred to remain anonymous said “I think it is Mother Nature telling us that the Isla Blanca developers are trying to bury us in black ink.”

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mleahy said...

Great photo! How big was that one, it is hard to tell from the photo, but appears to be about two plus feet long. I have never seen a squid near that size down there. Anyhow, let's hope that this is the only black ink developers see coming out of Isla Blanca Park. MLeahy