Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Arbor Day Celebration

Come on down for a double-whammy on Saturday, April 29th. The state-sponsored beach cleanup starts at 8:00 and one of the gathering locations is the Water Tower Park (look for the huge blue water tower mid-town).

Later in the morning we'll be setting up for an informal Arbor Day celebration with a plant swap, some local urban forestry gurus, maybe a famous author, and more ... things are still coming together. Native plants will be a main focus, and some landscape companies are being invited. This should last until the early afternoon.

Did I mention there are restrooms, water, and maybe some freebies? Heck, sometimes the County will even throw a weenie roast! So come on down, clean a little beach, and buy a native Texas plant ... see you there.

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papabeare said...

As for the free county hotdogs and such, not sure about the water tower park, however, I am pretty sure they are going to give away hotdogs to all who help with the beach clean up at Andy Bowie Park on the islands North end. I talked with the head park ranger out there and he mentioned something about feeding all the volunteers. He said he thought their would be small gift bags of stuff, hotdogs and other good food. ( I find it interesting that so very many locals have never been to Andy Bowie Park. Its a great its not the one being torn down, OR access 5 where you drive on the beach. They have a large picnic area and a great playground.)