Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Island News

Well, most of the locals in our clan are jumping ship, leaving me to hold the fort. It is not much of a fort, more like a sandbar with some pointy things on it. Fortunately, there are no mosquitos and the temperature is cool compared to the mainland. Ooh, and my plumerias are starting to bloom!

Erosion on the north end of the Island appears to be getting real bad. This area is north of the Tiki and La Quinta, where many seawalls are now eroded under their foundations. Town planner Cate Ball suggested grant options to haul some sand in from the dunes that blow sand on Route 100 up north, but alas it is turtle egg-laying season so "no can do." Another option would be to bring in the dredge again ... but Brazos Pass has already been fixed by the Army Corps of Engineers and the dredge pipeline never gets that far north.

Discussion of Isla Blanca development certainly has gotten heated, with hints already of the County and developer wanting to sue each other. I hadn't thought about that option! As the Prez says, bring it on ...

The "Battle of the Medians" on the main drag seems to have dimmed, and TxDOT (our state transportation folks) offered some concessions to allow some additional turnarounds - while biting their tongues because that is exactly where one would predict the worst accidents ... darting left across two lanes of on-coming traffic.

Finally, our Bay Area Committee is coming out of the closet (you-who!), with some good agenda items courtesy of your humble Secretary here. We even landed a meeting place at the Convention Center, a relatively swanky venue. If you're around on Thursday afternoon on the 13th, swing on by! Umm, is beer and wine allowed in there?

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