Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yellow Sophora

My, I’ve become quite the budding little naturalist lately! This little fella here grows in the empty field next door and is quite beautiful – the picture does not capture all its charm. A story: the mowers came with a huge “brush hog” tractor one day and yours truly was standing in defense of the poor critter … the mower ended up three feet away and we were saved by the boss heffe, who told the operator he had the wrong field (shrug).

Anyway, if they develop the land next door those two plants, also known as the Necklace Pod Sophora, is mine. Plant ID seemed reasonable after consulting the Native Plant Project and the Aggie native plant database. Here's some links:

Texas Native PlantDatabase
Native Plant Project

According to these folks, the shrub should grow up to 6 or twelve feet tall. National Arbor Day is Friday April 28; support your native plant resources.

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