Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kiteboarders, a Commentary

The kiteboards are becoming quite a problem on the Island now, as almost any local will say – even the local kiteboarders. I got real mad one day because a passel of them swooped down on my wife and I, buzzed us real close, and one wiped out right next to us. Not good when you have nothing but a bathing suit on, just trying to enjoy some primo body surfing.

I even contacted a few kiteboard shops and the Island, since they train and rent gear, but they said that the issue was the out-of-town yahoos. All the locals know to stay like 100 feet away from people, never jump over them, stay off the beach beak, etc. The shop folks sounded not a little exasperated. Basically, there is nothing they can do on the Gulf side … I heard from one authority that you can call the Coast Guard if somebody gets hurt … wonderful.

None of the local surfers and wind surfers I talked with wanted to be named … let’s just say they’ve been here forever and in some cases almost had to open a can of Whoop-Ass because they got run over. All said it was a problem and ….

Folks, if the situation continues to get out of hand, I’m going to petition the Town for an ordinance prohibiting launching or landing any kiteboards on SPI beaches, and will seek a MOU with Cameron Parks on Isla Blanca Park there, too. None of us want this to happen. Regulating fun is not our goal … but safety IS our concern.


~melissa said...


I actually enjoy watching them, whether I am in the condo or on the beach. But I do agree, they come too close to the people in the water. I have had them jump over me. And its not like they didn't see me.....I am a big gal. They want to be in the waves like all the swimmers are.

How about getting the city/county to post a sign in Isla Blanca Park? From what I have heard, that is where a lot of them put in. The sign should say something about staying 100 feet from shore.

I don't know.....just a thought.


Sam said...

Well, I was pretty nervous about even posting this, M, and it is a serious issue ... I think I'll bury it with another entry for now ... thanks for the comment!