Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two Tyrants Call It Quits

Well, this certainly was a day for gravitas, as both Tom Delay of Texas and Prime Minister Thaksin of Thailand called it quits and stepped down. Something was in the air other than allergies and Moma having hot flashes (another story she'd rather not read about - but damn it's cold in here!). Is there a connection?

No, probably not, as my mind wanders amongst the day's busy flimflam, noting such things as Governor Perry and making a big PR release with John McCain and Harris County Judge Robert Eckels (all heavy dudes) that if a big hurricane comes to Texas, he doesn't want the Feds to take over emergency situations because doing so "could kill people." I liked that one, and I heartily agree ... for once.

One might almost expect President Bush to say "Fooey, I messed up and let's try to set this nation back on course" or maybe that the Isla Blanca developers would decide to pull out of their massive bulldozing deal on public property. Shucks, life just ain't all THAT good, I suppose.

Well, folks certainly seem to be busy, spinning in tight little circles and hopefully having some fun. Lori is headed up to Austin, leaving me for four days of dogsitting again, but at least I can roast at a comfortable 81 degrees when the sun is out.

And those Mets, my great-grandma would love to see them win something big this year! But hey, at least two international despots stepped down all of their own. Not bad.

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