Sunday, April 30, 2006

Have Any Lies To Tell Today?

The Bay Area Task Force is using eminent domain to claim private property so they can build boat ramps. The survey of boat ramps is illegal trespassing. The entire committee is a waste of time and the $60,000 in the budget should be sent back to the Town.

No, I am not making this up. It was a coordinated attack by certain individuals who wanted to spread disinformation about our committee, of which I am a member. I will not say specifically who was involved, other than the person is a prominent member of the Laguna Madre Business Association (LMBA). Heck, they even bought and brought an attorney to help scare the dickens out of us!

It did not work as they intended, as the chairman fought valiantly back, being a lawyer himself. “Go to the Board of Aldermen if you don’t like it” was his response, “we don’t make anything other than suggestions and recommendations.” The LMBA fought this too, saying we should talk with the Town Lawyer. Again, we stated that we were a citizen’s committee and we had put a lot of time and effort into this project, and the Town Lawyer would see it later on when it reached his desk.

The only thing that was effective about the LMBA strategy was that it totally screwed up a potentially good meeting, taking almost an hour and a half of a two-hour meeting. If that is progress I’ll be darned. No, we’re not going to launch a big campaign against the LMBA because of their obvious intent to subvert a citizens planning group. But since this is my blog, I get to tell it like I see it.

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