Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Lori

Well it’s birthday time for us, with an anniversary thrown in, so it ought to be a great weekend. We just want to be will our friends and neighbors and hang out, no big deal although I’d better DO something about our 25th Anniversary next year. I’m thinking the Bongo-Dogs and a chocolate fountain. We’re buying each other some rather expensive French doors for the bedroom, since the old one, a high quality Anderson, is rotting out. Any chump change left I’m buying a boat even if it’s a freaking john boat – them there thermal/hurricane/super-duper doors are expensive.

Saturday we’ll be at Wanna and then on Sunday some sneaky girls are going to take us to “the beach,” whatever that means since there’s 30 miles of it. The Beach Bums start around 8-something on Saturday and … and what happens at the Wanna stays at the Wanna, OK?

Honestly, I haven’t been quite this happy in quite some years. I was thinking when I really was happy and I remember being a MAN and hitchhiking to Block Island and its ferry with nothing but a back-pack and a duffel bag. My destination: a job as a dishwasher at the Narragansett Inn, which served three meals a day. Free meals, free lodging, miles of beach and trails … and almost no pay but I really didn’t give a flop. I was sixteen years old and on my own. I kind of feel like that today.

I love you Lori.


Mike said...

Happy Birthday to Lori and congrats on the years you have spent together. That is something to make one proud and thankful. Have a good time Sam; you sound like your old self again...

Best wishes,

Everett said...

Happy Birthday Lori from all we BI Yankees!(NOT baseball types! -13 1/2 games back!) That Sammie guy must be a cradle robber hey? This is which B-day? 30-31? Have a great time and give that old man you live with there a "conservative" hug for me!

Lori said...

Thanks honey. Happy Birthday and anniversary to you too. I love you. Summer is here, and we are going to have a great one. Love, Lori

beerman said...

Happy Birthday Lori!

and anniversary too Sammy!

I was just looking at a box of fence boards and thinking it was time to plane down a bunch for grilling :)

So when you get a box of boards it ain't a "plank"

Ken and Brenda T.

aka "Tha Beerman"

~melissa said...

Happy Happy Happy! Lots of happy's going on! Have a good one!