Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Silence of the Tree Frogs

The last few years I was used to hearing hundreds of tree frogs and their distinctive chirp at night, especially after a real good rain last we had last week. I counted maybe two or three soundng males the last few nights.

There are toads, frogs, and a few kinds of lizards down here including a black skink. They seem to diminish every year. Last year I had two toads living in the garage downstairs and now none. What happened?

I sure hope this isn't a sign of what scientists have been saying for several years, that the frogs are disappearing at a rapid rate. Strange fungus and loss of habitat may have taken their toll.

I sure hope not. Last night I couldn't sleep so I checked on the tree frogs once again about two o'clock. Two peepers vocalized. Is it the feral cats, global warming, or what?

Instead, the cicada buzzed even more loudly, knowing they and their fellow insects can take over the world no matter what.


Anonymous said...

Used to be a opossum problem on the island....have not seen any of those big rats lately. Could this be an answer.

Mike said...

Get some sleep mon...

Everett said...

It's happened up here on BI also Sam. On any spring night even eight or ten years ago the 'peepers' would be in full voice for most of the night. Now it is remarkable to hear even one. Well, if he was sitting in my hand I couldn't hear him, but others tell me this IS the case. There used to be four or five different types of frogs here on the Island. Now you have to diligently search a pond to see just one of the little croakers. Something is killing them!