Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wonderful Weekend, Barry

Wow, here's most of the conspirators including Nancy's mother, all having a great time on the beach. Thanks to Nancy and Sandy Feet for all the fun. The detail on the sandcastle isn't great here but we maybe had 12-15 towers or stacked mud-pies or whatever ya call them.

Notice one key detail. There's water on the beach - all over the beach. It's ponded and we have a moat around our sandcastle so it was safe (thanks again, Sandy).

I'll tell you the truth we were backed up almost to the dunes. The high tide was near eleven o'clock but here about three in the afternoon, there is still water up to the dunes. The beach was getting tore up pretty bad especially in drainage areas that looked suspiciously like rip-tides offshore.

That's rather shocking because the moon tide wasn't that big. Nope, it was some swell waves from Tropical Storm Barry darned near to Tampa, Florida, not even a puny hurricane. That's a little scary.

But another day, small waves, and a lower high tide and everything is back to normal. Now I got my glasses, my renewed driver's licence, and a day I can go fishing in the surf before it blows 25 again ... well it couldn't be better. They say there's some big fish eyes in the surf now!

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