Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Real Hummer

Dozens of hummingbirds showed up yesterday so I put up two feeders. Most are the ruby throated ones, mainly females, although we think we saw several other kinds as well like the Buff Belly. Scarlet Colley came down the street to check out all the warblers in the Tepaguaje trees so I brought my coffee over to say hello and tell her about all the hummingbirds. She mentioned that they were probably part of the on-going migration ... and amazingly, identified about six new warbler species for me, all within the space of ten minutes. She wanted a Cirrulean Warbler, which is solid blue, but we saw a rare orange-headed one instead, which pleased her very much. She asked about the Town elections and I told her "it was a real hummer" and the results were:
  • Tara Rios
  • Kirk Mills
  • Courtney Hayden
"I guess that means Rick Ridolfi lost" she concluded, "that's a shame, because he had so much knowledge and clout." But she went on to say the new Board members would be a great team, and maybe Rick ought to run for Mayor sometime. Then she rattled off several more warbler species that for the life of me I can't remember, but one had a green head and the one with the orange head came even closer to us.

As she drove away I walked back up onto my porch and saw five hummingbirds sitting around the feeder, all peacefully drinking and not fighting, the latter which they usually do with great gusto. It was a vision to remember.


Everett said...

Hey Sam, I'm really jealous! I've been TRYING to feed hummers for years but only get an occasional one, about every three years occasional! Did you happen to notice that big blue space ship hovering in the back ground? Could it be the one "lost" over NM that was carrying "Scotty's" ashes into space? Check it out dude!

Sam said...

I dunno, the big migration is in the fall and I never see more than one or two at a time in the spring. Blame it on global warming or that huge blue thang over our version of AREA 51.