Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pelican West Incident

Last week a local man died as a result of a fistfight outside a brand new bar which just opened, Pelican West. Rumors are flying everywhere, and lack of information is driving people crazy. According to the Brownsville Herald article, Mike Marques was involved in an altercation and two out-of-town men have been charged. He ended up in the hospital and several days later was taken off life support.

The rumor, which is quite ugly and could well be untrue, is that the two men involved in the incident were employees of PNG Onshore, the company doing the seismic testing in the Laguna Madre. Indeed, the Town has received calls saying the not only is PNG killing the bay, but now they're killing the locals. Intentionally.

Folks, do not believe everything that you hear, especially when the facts haven't been collected.

One can understand the rumors because resentment against the seismic testing has been building for a long time. An overwhelming proportion of locals hate it with a deep and festering passion. Some equally disturbing rumors are that some local watermen have taken to cutting seismic cable and destroying buoys ... which if so would cause the company to have to stay here longer. At the same time, rumors have been building that PNG and its contractors may have been involved in other crimes as well. None of this appears to be true, except that some watermen do admit accidentally hitting the buoys because there are so many of them.

It might be an inescapeable fact two contractors who possibly worked on the seismic crews may be charged with deadly assault or some kind of murder charge. That doesn't look very good, I'll have to admit.

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MLeahy said...

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner after your last email Sam. I had to reset my password, no clue as to what happened. Anyway, I don't like what I see starting down there. It is like watching a train wreck in slow know what is coming. It looks like the infancy of a turf war between locals and "Big Oil". I would really like to see the legal system handle this and minimize individual confrontation.

First off my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. We don't know what happened leading up to the confrontation, but I have to believe that the two assailants did not come into town to specifically harm anyone. I do however know that when inebriated, it does not take much to get tempers flaring.

As much as I hope that the two men were not associated with PNG Onshore, I hope that there are not any locals cutting lines or intentionally damaging bouys. This type of behavior only adds fuel to the fire and puts liability and lack of credibility on opponents to drilling.

Best of luck to everyone and I'll keep hoping for a logical, reasonable solution.