Tuesday, May 15, 2007

History Blog, BATF Updated

I have updated the History Channel about South Padre things historical, with some cool picture from the late 1940's including a rare amphibious water taxi.

I also "updated" the Bay Area Task Force, or BATF, as in I resigned. That sure made a splash, and I hope no enemies.

What is weird is everyone wants a reason, motivation, or explanation. "Are you pissed off? Are you sick? What's the real reason?" Hey man, I'm a private citizen, ya know! I just up and quit. I've put in over a year and a half of voluntary citizen service.

It wasn't like I was elected or anything, and my understanding was that these citizen committees really need to be re-appointed every year anyway. It wasn't like I was elected Mayor and one day I woke up and said "well shucky-jive, I feel like quitting today."

I will continue to volunteer and give back to the community. I just felt like taking a breather from an advisory board. OK?

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