Saturday, February 04, 2006

Flying Pigs Spotted on SPI

“I moved here from the Northeast with one goal in mind, to put a high rise cond complex on every vacant lot I could find. America is the land of opportunity, and South Padre Island is fair game baby. My investors from Cali, Florida, and New York are going to put this place on the map, and you can't stop US.”

That was a direct quote from something written on a blog by Sandy Feet. It’s getting a little feisty down here, and the locals fear that if they stand around too long they’ll be paved over by some big machine. Consider the following:

- Cameron County grants a lease option for 160 prime acres in Isla Blanca Park for a 28 story gambling and hotel venture.

- Willacy County hires a lawyer to file eminent domain for hundreds of acres on the north end of the Island so they can put in a boat landing and a Port-O-Potty

- Major projects are planned north of the Shores including at least one high-rise condo

- Laguna Madre Water District doesn’t get state funds but proceeds with a study to install a huge desalinization plant on the north side of Town

- A major highway project is scheduled to restart negotiations on another causeway to the Island, tolled, which would run smack into a residential street

- As more erosion and storm waves strip the beach of sand, a flurry of permits are granted to remove dunes so first-floor residents can see the Gulf

- The Laguna Madre Business Association promises to replace the Board of Aldermen with pro-development stooges

We all know that development is inevitable and I think there is a “gold rush” because the Town is working on a comprehensive plan that could limit growth in certain areas. The prevailing conservative philosophy is “if you don’t like it, hit the highway.”

Oink, oink.

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mleahy said...

Well Sam, here it is... A good comprensive plan can take over a year to complete while studies are being conducted. This is the price of complacency and taking a "Wait and see" attitude. With large investors circling like vultures over the island, creative thinking is in line for our city manager and board of aldermen/alderwoman. Approval of permits should be limited to available parking and allowable traffic volume for existing lanes available on side streets. What do you think? This could buy some time for the comprensive plan to be completed. This quote is quite disturbing, and many other investors are sure to follow as land is still quite reasonable on a national comparison for seaside property. I think it is easier to tighten building restrictions now, and adjust as traffic flow studies are completed. MLeahy