Monday, January 30, 2006

Tiki Time!

It was Tiki Time at Chefette Nanette’s Sunday night, with a nice send-off for Sandy Feet and her upcoming voyage to Hawaii. That’s Ms. Feets in her grass skirt with all the correct tourist accoutrements, including Tiki Punch with electric blue Curacao.

Now the “ceremonial table” was my idea, with pineapple, small bananas, and can-o-Spam, and Nanette provided a huge roasty ham wrapped in real banana leaves, all in high Luau style. We even had some 1960’s vinyl records featuring Annette and all that.

It was a perfect day, about 80. It coincided with the Lunar New Year and some very high tides. A good time was had by all. Hau 'oli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year, and bon voyage, Sandy.


beerman said...

Sam tha Spam? You left me on the dock with the can-o-spam! Reminds me I have some in my camp box that's at least 10 years old I need to release to the fishes :)

Ex-Manissean said...

I'm just back from being offline and out of town awhile. The wife and I have wanted to throw a Luau for years but never got around to it. But at least we are planning for some fun and sun on Padre in a month or two, hopefully before the spring break.

Lucinda said...

Mahalo Sam for a great picture and of course all the props. I think I am mostly packed and hopefully will remember all the stuff I forgot to do or pack before my early morning departure. Y'all hold down the fort and don't let the island sink in my absence!


Sam said...

My pleasure, Lucinda. Now I hear you're going to a part of Hawaii where the surfers and artists like rule, right? You're coming back, right?

Hey beerman you know the path to my house and ex-man, come on down sometime soon.