Monday, February 20, 2006

Hurricane Plans

After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Governor Rick Perry appointed a task force to make recommendations about how to make such disasters easier to manage. Their report was made available just today.

One of the key findings was that local control was a real big problem, with over 100 coastal communities. Then, as we saw in the two hurricanes, the evacuations impacted not only those communities but hundreds of others located upland, as far as Dallas, El Paso, and Brownsville.

Solving the problem would involve statewide and regional planning. One of the key recommendations was to give the Governor the power the order evacuations and set in motion emergency disaster plans. Currently those powers are in the hands of the mayors of each coastal town in Texas. Legislation would be required to change that.

I must say, after moving here to South Padre and having Hurricane Emily three weeks later was something of an eye-opener. But I thought that Mayor Pinkerton called the shots right and we hunkered down right here.

So I see a need for regional planning but I don’t think I need the Governor up in Austin ordering me out of my house and home. Okay, maybe I could take it from Kinky "The Texas Jewboy" Friedman if he asked nice ... get yer biscuits out of the oven and your buns up here.


Everett said...

Hey Sam, I hear that Kinky is going to run for Governor the next time around. Wonder if the theme song will be, "I got friends in high places with white faces". Love that song. It insults virtually every ethnicicity that there is. Now lets see, did I miss anybody?

Sam said...

Too funny ... I think his theme is "Why the hell not?" He's been to our humble Island once but I missed him. He might not make the cut in the primaries but it should be fun for at least a while!

Anonymous said...


Kinky Friedman isn't running in the primaries. He is seeking office as an independent. In fact, to get on the general election ballot as an independent, he has to get signatures from some 45,00 registered voters who do not vote in the upcoming primaries or runoffs.

I believe Carol Keeeton Rylander Grandma Strayhorn is also attempting to run as an independent.

Longtime Visitor (Island Wannabe)

Sam said...

I get confused by all this sometimes, thanks! I vote in November to avoid all this hassle, although there's a local Town vote here in May. All these votes and petitions at various times of the year ... why not just do it on one Election Day?