Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weasel Snipers Everywhere!

That’s the Weasel Sniper, or better known as Fang on the Sonic Hedgehog games. He’s one bad dude and he’s making a come-back. I’ve been cruising around the webs, forums, and blogs and can’t believe how nasty people have gotten – and graphic to boot! You’d think with a mild winter, an easing economy, and lower gas prices people would lighten up a little.

No way and our little burg on South Padre Island is not exception. I won’t go into the details but you can say the Weasel Sniper is alive and well here too. A Weasel Sniper is a person who hunts down things that piss him or her off, and then they let you have it with both gun barrels, often foaming at the mouth like a rabid possum. Rarely do they make any sense, which is comical except they darned near had a stroke inventing how to write about bad things like about the most graphic parts of your body.

I think there is a whole bunch of people that grew up around Sonic Hedgehog and stuff of that ilk and they just turned worse, like their whole life is grumpy … and that as the population grows, there are more numbers of these inherently unhappy folks. “Born to flame” seems to be their motto. One must guard against the temptation to join the League of Slime and become a Weasel Sniper.

On a more positive note, Christy the Clown gave me the coolest necktie in the universe the other day. It was patterned after the Dr, Seuss book about green eggs and ham, complete with some graphics saying “Eat at Sam’s,” Strangely, in a way, it resembles some of the techniques used for the picture of our Weasel Sniper here, although I think in a much more fun way, retro 50’s. I’ll see if I can photo-blog it soon. Thanks, Christy!

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Everett said...

Hi Sam, After my twenty years of learning how to swear and cuss like a good sailor, it is awful hard not to let myself slide right down that slippery slope and get right down in the dirt with my not-so-friendly cyber-sniper. I'm pretty sure I have figured out who it is. He sure opened the door to some verbal abuse of himself when he said that Deidre came ill equipt for a verbal sparring match! He has no idea who he is flaming this time! If she wants to, and she probably won't, she could reduce that little ass to a quivering lump of beach foam! I would love to see it though, 'cause then he would be blown away by the wind, just like the foam. See Ya! Did you get that colored drink inside you yet?