Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dunes: Week 3

It’s been three weeks since we seeded the dunes with some Christmas trees, hay bales, and snow fencing. So far all looks real good in the study area from Bahia Mar to near the Iverness. Lori and I thought the Christmas trees did especially well and wished we had more than the ten or so collected.

Here is a shot of the hay bales.

The undercutting and toppling we noticed a few weeks ago was not evident and they are still building the highest dunes. The best ones were backed up to the existing dunes, since sometimes a “wind tunnel effect” was noted where the sand was scooped out between the hay and the old dune. As said before, the snow fencing was effective for building low, broad dunes in between the fencerows.

And after all that walking and hard work, a stop at our favorite watering hole was well earned. Hi Teresa!


beerman said...

We were wishing we were at the Wanna Wanna yesterday! I mixed up my first batck of Red Snapper Cervichi! Made to much so we all get it for break today! Turned out great but I need practice skinning filets!

Good Work Guys!

Tha Beeman!

mleahy said...

Sam, great to see the progress! I am happy to see that the Bahia Mar is on board with dune building as that is where we stay on the island. We were there when Ivan was in the Gulf, and let me tell you the waves were splashing over the sea wall which is 6'-8' tall depending on how much sand has built up against it. Great work!!!! Keep up the good work! MLeahy

Everett said...

How much BS did you have to go through with the State of TX to get to put out the bales and the trees? Ican't imagine what a hassle it would be up here with all the petty beaurecrats we have to contend with. Looks like a good idea and one we could put to good use. Hey what's with this drinks at a tiki bar in the middle if FEB.? I thought you said it was cold down there? So far this winter I've had the dreaded long pants on for a total of 13 days. Today it is 43 deg. and the wind is blowing about 45mph. Good day to stay in the cellar and work on my latest R/C flight creation, which by the way, two weeks ago, jumped up off the table and bit my ass, errr, finger! Too the bone! About 1 1/2" long! 18 stitches! First time in 60 years!!TIFN

Sam said...

What were trying to do, Everett, tickle it's carburetor while it was turning 3,000 RPM? LOL. Hope your finger will live to give folks the ... OK sign.

Basically, you need legislation that says the Town of New Shoreham takes responsibility for the beaches and then you do what you want. Given how your coastal burrow-crats are half corrupt and won't enforce anything on the Island, I would recommend that approach.

Oh yeah, how 'bout Great Salt Pond, too? Annex it, man.

For y'all Texas folks, Wanna is getting a major overhaul with a new bulwarks, decks, kitchen, and whatnot. You'd hardly recognize it except it still has that roof that looks like 15 hippies put it up on a Monday! I think they started with a huge telephone pole and stared at the sun a little too long ...

Anonymous said...

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Tara Rios Ybarra