Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dog Wars

I mentioned to Sandy Feet some time ago that us dog owners sometimes face some serious discrimination here on the Island. She responded something like “Yeah, they always look at me like my dog was a fully loaded poop-bomb ready to go off at any second.”

We got a good chuckle out of that one, but I tell you we can’t get no respect. I mean we walk the girl dogs and they squat in perfect unison and I have to helpfully point out “DON’T WORRY - IT’S ONLY PEE!”

We do use some abandoned lots for the real thing, which I have to say is pretty well mined with all kinds of cat and dog bombs. So the dogs are in “lock’n’load” position and the Temperance League walks by saying “You’re not going to leave that there, are you mister?”

Naturally, I’m a nice guy so I don’t mention curt things like that I was about ready to chunk a steaming loaf of it in their direction. I mean here I am in a half-acre of wild field, no wetlands or anything, grass up to my knees, and these folks want me to do Dooty Patrol? Get real. I always considered these wild areas as a DMZ – doggie maintenance zone.

Oops, the dogs are getting hungry, time for more ammo!


Everett said...

Hey Sam, where the hell did you get that picture of my friend the cyber sniper? Now that I've seen a picture of him, I recognize him!! Thanks Everett

Sam said...

Even with the expensive shades?