Sunday, September 07, 2008

Whaddya Think, Mr. Ed?

Well it looks like even more ocean swell from Hurricane Ike, and Mister Ed would be pleased about that! He's a favorite TV show of mine from the 1960s. I didn't know the old boy surfed, gosh, I am impressed.

If alive today - he passed on quietly in 1970 - I'm sure Mister Ed would have loved last night's Sea Turtle Fundraiser. Local Nancy Marsden got an international award from them! That was really cool, and a good time was had.

Question for ya: I'm playing with the notion of applying to be on the Home Rule Charter Committee. Lori says OK, and others say it's alright, no bad signals yet, but I wondered what I'm getting into here. A wee bit of the south end of a north-facing Mister Ed?


Rob Nixon said...

Where did you find that photo?

Get ready for Ike!

There are already some pretty outrageous forecasts out there. One that was being passed around at the Surfrider Conference in Austin this weekend had 21' at 16 seconds. If that comes to pass, better get your boat ready on SPI because that will be the only way to get arounf on Padre BLvd.

Sam said...

Just a little non-copyrighted, copyrighted ripping off, Rob! Should you expect any less?

Hey, some SPI folks are freaking because the storm track keeps ooching our way every day.

I say it's 1200 miles away and not even in the Gulf yet. I'm sure if Boomerang Billy was alive he'd agree.

Rob Nixon said...

I agree.

Unfortunately I think I'm agreeing with Joe Bastardi. It's going to go run that warm water channel that's between where Dolly and Gustav went and hit somewhere between Kennedy County and Houston.