Thursday, September 11, 2008

A difference one day makes

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I went to town hall today and on a whim decided to stop by the Wanna for a beer and a look at the ocean. This is actually low tide, as opposed to high tide which comes about four o'clock in the morning. I was sitting on the steps down to the beach and this wave nearly got me wet. As you can see, yesterday's seaweed is now in the dunes.

A few hearty souls with body boards and flippers tried to get outside but got severely pummeled, and played on the inside with the first sandbar simply because they kept getting blasted backwards. The undertow and rip was really serious, although this family with little kids didn't seem to care.

Amazing, since Hurricane Ike is over 500 miles away. I shudder to think of the surf tomorrow. Let us hope the erosion and dune damage isn't so bad.


Rob Nixon said...

Surfline has it at 15-22 tomorrow with a NW wind shifting WNW.


Anonymous said...

you think the island will over top or will we see heavy street flooding with water geting into homes. any help would be appreciated.

Sam said...

There could be some minor flooding along Gulf Blvd but I don't expect more than a few seaside dwelling units getting very wet. It could happen about 4-5 in the morning on Friday at full moon high tide, no idea because the tide only goes out a foot and a half. Maybe some seaweed and sand on Gulf Blvd, no big deal.

Those wave heights are way out at sea and break far out beyond the third sandbar. They do get larger by the Jetties, as Rob would agree. Those guys are kooks.

Be careful in the undertow and rips, Rob!

Mike said...

Oh, Boca magic! I remember August of '65. Offshore breeze, constant, glassy 10-12's. Hell, but nothing like manana. Makes me wish I was still in my teens (a long time ago). Have a ride for me lads and lassies, but be careful out there!

Sam said...

That you, Miquel?

Mike said...

Si, Sammy!