Friday, September 26, 2008

Bay Progress

Here's some more reconstruction on the bayside docks, this time at the end of Lantana Street. The crane is needed to put in new concrete pilings so the carpenters can finish out the deck. There are approximately 186 docks along the bayside that were affected by Hurricane Dolly, according to a friend who surveyed them. By the way, if you need some marine dock carpenters, I know of several. Hopefully you won't need Mr. Crane.

From what I can tell there are only three or four companies that have a crane, barge, and tug like this rig. However, this is the only active one I've seen, such as also being over at the new Parrot Eyes previously. I guess docks can't be insured so it's mainly a cash proposition, and a slow-going one at that.

But it's good to see things starting to bounce back.


Anonymous said...

Sam, I'm so off subject. I do apologize.

I used to comment frequently on SPI Forum, although ineffectively as you know, but nevertheless I was once an active and interested participant.

I have not reviewed comments in several months.

But I did want to give a positive comment about the Craig's List idea, but alas, I was just too stupid to figure out how.

Must be new rules there, and I guess my log-in name is forgotten. I'm sure the rules are simple, but I guess I am too old and technologically deficient to wade through them, although I did very much try. Just kept getting rejected-- no doubt my own stupidity.

However, if you would be so kind, please pass along my support for this idea, if you will. I think it such a good, albeit fledgling, idea to build an SPI community,that I would like to support it.

Hope all is well will Wells and friends. Sorry to intrude. Thank you.

Will Davis

Sam said...

Will do, Will, and great to hear from you.

As to the SPI Forum you can always create a new login and password if you'd like - I think some people have several "alter egos" on that thing already! And few have any good ideas like yours.

Hope you are well, things considered, and I hope you can visit the island now and then.