Monday, September 01, 2008

Thousand Mile Waves Again

Nice evening shot of the Gulf from the footsteps of the wooden access by the Seagull Condos during a high tide (click picture for a big shot). We walked the dog and went out a ways and when the next super-wave from Gustav came in, were buried in water almost hip-deep. The spongers - boogie boarders in other words - had problems even getting outside for a wave. For some perspective, I would estimate the third bar at 5 feet and the fourth sandbar at 6-8 feet when cresting. I will check the waves tomorrow when they aren't curling down so bad. The "real" short-board surfers were on one side or the other of the Jetties or right in the middle of the Ship Channel.

Yes, the dunes got smacked a little and you can see some railroad vines rooted as if in the air because of the erosion, but it doesn't seem so bad.

I hope to catch the tail end when body surfing can get me some epic 100 foot runs on a swan dive , the crawl stroke, and a dolphin kick. That's my game. Hey, for waves coming from a thousand miles away, not bad and I'm not complaining.

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