Monday, September 15, 2008

The Thrill of Crossing the Causeway

As many know, I live like a reclusive hermit and rarely go to the mainland unless under marching orders, a truly unusual thing. But today I did and coming back to the island, it was that same thrill that grips you by the back of the throat and the seat of the pants: South Padre! Gosh I love this place. I tooled along in my 10 year old (now very rusty) truck and gave the Main Drag the once-over.

Everywhere was sign of Dolly destruction but it didn't bother me in the least. Some locals took great offense to some wayward signs on T-shirt shops and my heart warmed as I spotted that even the bank - some goofy towers on the First National - got the snot whacked out of it. Yep, I went to the bank, too. It made me smile when I saw those disheveled towers.

The island looks fine to me, a little scruffy especially in the rain but I know things will get better. Perhaps if you were expecting something more you don't belong here. And I suspect the typical tourist, visitor, or second homeowner really doesn't care as long as they have the beach and the bay. That's what it's all about.

In a way it's a shame because it really is the best time of year, aside from all these storms. It is so quiet, and you can do a U-turn in the middle of the road without hardly looking. As I did by Ben's Liquors because mama wanted some hooch for when she got back from late PHD classes. Hey I was on a roll today, wasn't I?

Arriving home, I noticed that the wild field grass invading my lawn had grown two inches since I left, and wondered how that could possibly be. Dang that stuff. It's not Johnson grass and I've heard it called "Guinea grass" but most of us use unprintable cuss words. There is always manana, another wonderful day on the island, and plenty for me to do.


nancy said...

I know you rarely cross that causeway but when you do Sam you have to yell Yaaaaaay. I have for 13 years!

Rob Nixon said...

I tell you what Sam, you have just nailed it!

I love South Padre Island. I love the people and all the weirdness that comes with them. Shit man, we should of coined the phrase, Keep South Padre Wierd!", but I will settle for the bumper sticker behind Blackbeard's Bar, "We don't have a town drunk, we just take turns."

That sticker really has less with the drunk part and more with the implication that we, for the most part, all get along and make it work when needed.

That stupid SPI Forum tends to make me doubt that sometimes until I realize that most of those bitching about the fact that we aren't flashy enough, are actually from out of town and own second homes here.

I don't want to live in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Key West or Miami Beach! If I did I would have moved there by now!

Now that would be a pretty cool bumper sticker!

Joni said...

I love the idea of Rob's bumper sticker. we could just leave the "other place" blank, fill in your own idea of "first-class resort" where we don't want to live.

I feel sorry for some of our SPI Forum friends. It must be depressing to dislike everything so much.

There is a remarkable feeling one gets crossing the causeway. I think that feeling is what made me realize SPI was where I wanted to live. As we would cross the bridge, coming from Denver, I just felt like I was coming home and all the worries etc. of the mainland seemed to disappear.

Sam said...

I think we're a drinking village with a fishing problem.

Sorry, that's and old one...

Or like the famous sign on a local eatery" "Send more tourists. The last batch tasted great!"

Lucinda said...

I want one of those stickers too, please!

Anonymous said...


You got it exactly right. As a long time visitor, I know that feeling you describe of crossing the causeway. Padre Blvd. always looks great to me. I wish I was looking at the dangling signs, etc. right now.

Anonymous said...

bumper sticker?........

how about:

"Island Capacity Exceeded----
All Unauthorized Whiners Take
HWY 100 West!"