Monday, January 21, 2008

What to do with your rebate

As you know, President Bush and his economic advisers are putting together a plan to rescue the U.S. economy. Most likely it would be an $800 check or rebate for every taxpayer, and double that for jointly filing family heads of households (whoa, sounds like the hippies, huh?). Many analysts are watching closely at this, so yours truly here has a suggestion:

Come on down here to SPI and blow your wad. Do it for the country. It's the only American thing to do.

You can almost see the President in this picture I posted saying "Why not SPI"?

Now we know not all of you American taxpayers like South Texas as much as other places, but it's cheap, beautiful, warm, no passports needed, and did I say cheap? Aside from Spring Break and its notable Texas Week, we're open for business, and will make sure your rebate will go to the proper authorities so as to stimulate all the right markets. Aspen or Key West will suck $800 out of your pockets before you even get to the hotel.

Oh, so that's why the tourists walk so funny in those places.

So come on down to the friendliest island in America and we'll fix you all up. If enough of you folks come, we can even get the fireworks lady to crank up the fireworks barge, just so you'll really know you got enough bang for the buck!

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