Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bay People

Well at least the wind died and the temperature got into the low 50's today. Even though the sun didn't make an appearance, things seem much better. The work came back in and the wife came back from a conference in Austin, so all is good. The mind wanders off to fishing, planting a few trees in the back yard, painting more of the house, having shrimp at the Wanna or Dolphin Cove, and maybe a BBQ on the porch.

You know its funny, here on SPI you either live east of Padre Boulevard or west of it. Gulf people live on the east side and are much more prone to walk the beach. Us bay people are more focussed on the Laguna and "go over" to the beach a few times a week. Isn't that strange? The Island isn't but a quarter mile wide!

Sounds like we're crossing the Rockies or something.

It's funny, I can walk to the bay in about two seconds, but to "go over" to the beach I have to load the truck and allow for 15 minutes. I am fairly sure that the 15 minutes is related to the Manana Effect, where time seems to lose all dimensionality or meaning here on our sandbar. I think I figured that one out too:
  • It takes about 15 minutes to cross the causeway including all the traffic
  • When you cross the causeway you gain 15 minutes
  • The two forces cancel each other out and time completely goes out the window (remember to open your window, or this could hurt ya)
I have further proof. The Municipal Building is right on Padre Boulevard, which is why they set the clocks ahead exactly 7.5 minutes from official time. Thus the causeway and Padre Boulevard make the Manana Effect even more complicated. Suffice it to say is you head east it takes forever and going west is a snap, sometimes getting there before it's really "time."

Plan accordingly when making your rounds of the Island and remember it is not fashionable to arrive early, unless there is free food and drinks. Totally understandable; I feel your pain. Just don't wait until Manana, or it might all be gone ...

See you on the beach in 15!


Anonymous said...

Ok Sam, first I tried to follow all the depressing Dark and Stormy...then this time altering thread. You been smokin ? drinkin? or rubbin somethin into ye belly button??? Actually, I too can't believe how rarely I make it all the way over to the beach...whether thats 3 min or more like 15. As for Harlingen, once a quarter and McAllen barely once a year. Who can go so far away?? I think to get to Progresso you have to fight the time warp both ways!


Sam said...

It's exactly like the time warp machine in Star Trek, Ray, with those soda bubble special effects and all.

I shudder just to think of it. McAllen, that Dark Donut Hole of the planet. What if the bubbles don't work there?

Oh well, I'm really not a Trekkie and as soon as the water warms up to semi-humane conditions, I'll be in the surf ... with all them bubbles!


Anonymous said...

You know... you could really finally just say 'What the heck' and do the Abaco thing. I find it is quite remedial after dealing with the high-season fuss. Sometimes when you get out of your 'neighborhood', you gain good perspective on how good things really are at home! Hope all is well & look forward to catching up with you soon! Micah