Sunday, January 06, 2008

Abaconian Thoughts

This May we expect to travel over to the Abacos for a May get-together with my folks and a bunch of crazy people on a different forum. You can see the Abacos in the upper-right hand side of the map I stole off the Internet. There are several hundred little islands, very puny indeed compared to how large Cuba is. In case you know the area, my folks like near Man-O-War Cay on the outer islands (Cay is pronounced "key"). That's a ferryboat ride over from Great Abaco Island, which actually does have an international airport.

But Lori had plans ... she wants to teach college, work on a PHD, and continue working for the school district. Whoa, schools don't get out until like June. So I'm kind of in a quandary here, since by the first week in June my parents will be headed up to Maine. Me, I'm thinking about working part time as an editorial assistant for our local paper, in addition to about a thousand hours a year as a high-flying consultant.

The weird part is I hate flying now and rarely even go out of the country anymore, even Mexico 22 miles away from my doorstep. Don't kid yourselves, the word "Abaco" really means dropping about five to ten grand in a week. Then I got to thinking ... hey, aren't I already in paradise?

Well I still have my mind made up to go to the Abacos, don't get me wrong. It's just become an uphill battle. We'll see what happens.

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