Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ask a Pendejo!

In the past we've seen columns like Ask Sandy and Ask a Mexican. It is 2008, baby, it's time to Ask a Pendejo! Me. I'll help get you started.

What's pendejo?

A pendejo is considered a Spanish friendly, almost-cuss word for something like an "bumbling idiot," which generally means being the third fisherman on a two-man bay boat. It's a fishing tournament technical thang with many applications in real life.

Why on Earth call yourself that?

I don't own my own boat yet, and plus falling off other people's boats right at the wrong moment is so much more fun, especially during an official fishing tournament.

OK, what's biting on SPI right now?

Dang if I know, other than a few fleas and no-see-ums the dog drug into the house. They won't let me on their boats anymore unless I pay big money now.

Did the pendejo go to the Polar Bear Dip today?

Wish I had, at least they wouldn't have to fish me out of the ocean like usual. It was very cold today, and I know for a fact that a 5-millimeter wetsuit wouldn't be allowed, especially with my Mexican wrestling mask. May I mention my zoot suit says "Qué tipa pendeja!" on the back.

What does that mean?

No huyas, pendejo!

Please send your questions, anything about SPI or whatever, to Ask a Pendejo


Lucinda said...

Well, this did give me a chuckle. I have always understood "pendejo" to mean a kind of hair normally found in the nether regions... think Clarence Thomas.

I imagine someone will correct me if I am wrong.

On a totally unrelated note: I _did do the polar bear thang and even posted a little video of it on my blog -- check it out!

Sam said...

Ouch, you sicked Clarence Thomas on the issue ... yikes! I don't want to be no pendejo no mo ... I need another shower right now!

Lori and I loved the video shoot. Nancy M said it was cold as chit, too cold to hang out for a Mary and some Leslie. Next year, 78 degrees, OK?

Raydean said...

You mean the Pendejo couldn't find a Mexican, here of all places, to get an exact translation?? If this is true.....

Say it ain't so Sam,

Sam said...

The Mexican sent me an email saying "Bless you" in English. What is this guy, some kind of fake? He's supposed to say something like "No chupa, pandeja" which roughly translated means "Don't suck, you stupid public hair." It's a way of expressing distant affection, kinda redneck Texas you know.

But no, The Mexican writes "I bless you, pendejo." Man, that's like an ancient curse, like what's next, soap falling down in the shower? Possums 4 feet long, driving my pit bulldog wild? Tires falling off my roof? Give me a break.