Sunday, February 11, 2007

Surfside Chili Fest

Yes, they do let me out sometimes and here I am getting an award up at a chili festival up in Surfside, Texas. I heard it rained cats and dogs down here for the Chili Fest at Louie's, but it was probably warmer than 46 degrees and blowing from the north at 20. But anyway, it takes real courage to make chili on the beach especially in those conditions - I'd love it if we did it that way down here!

Several dozen folks attended the gathering of the Coalition of Confused Coastal Fishermen and other than being cold as heck it was fun. Think of them as "Sons of the Beach" with a fishing rod. Naturally, my pose here was suitably confused, since I didn't even cook a batch of chili. Nope, that's the Trash-Talking Award.

I guess I started it all out by posting stuff about the Pink Tutu, which to a redneck means they're ... you know, pink tutu-ish. I even tried to get Christy down here to make a real Pink Tutu, although the timing wasn't right. Maybe I should have done the Pink Seagull Award instead. Oh well, I did shout "yay" when I came back over the causeway today, glad to be warm again, and back home.


Everett said...

Hey, who's that old guy with all the fuzzy stuff sticking out from under his hat?

Sam said...

Ain't got my spring shearing yet, Everett!