Monday, February 19, 2007

Nine Rescued Turtles Released

One of the best parts of saving turtles is throwing them back in the bay, which we did today with 9 Atlantic Green Turtles. This is the only boat/turtle launching in the entire US, since the federal government has all these rules and bureacracy ... that fellow there is named Jeff George and yes he has a federal permit to do this. May I repeat, nowhere else can one do this, just right here on South Padre Island.

This fellow here, known as "RRR-451" was released in 59 degree waters up north on the Intra-Coastal Waterway about marker 93, slightly south of the Cullum House. Young master RRR-451 is about 3 years old and quite handsome, looking like a little astronaut or something.

It was a great day. Thanks to Sea Turtle, Inc. and American Diving for making this possible.


Pedro said...

Jeff George just keeps on ticking. What an asset he is to his community!

Sam said...

Nancy tells me that the US and Texas folks called Scarlett Colley to put some 30-odd green turtles back in the bay. Of course, this wasn't a public boat ride, but the gals got to throw back a whole bunch. As of today, 130 are back in the waters roughly where they were found. Awesome.

Everett said...

Sam, Is this guy Jeff George the person who used to be/still is an NFL quarterback? Anyway, kudos to him and the crew.And, how come SPI is the only location allowed to deal with these turtles? What happens to them over there in Fla. when they get in trouble? Turtle soup?

Sam said...

Most other places in the US the Fish and Wildlife cope tightly control the sea turtles and other endangered species, and the public is never involved ... there are laws against touching or harrassing turtles, seals, certain birds, etc. In our case, we have a fellow with a permit, Jeff (no, prolly not a football player). Anyway, Jeff gets everybody involved, especially the kids.

Not to sound political, but we need more people like Jeff George ... the gvernment has enough red tape it is a wonder they can get anything done! /sammie

Everett said...

Yeah I just love the Fish and Wildlife folks! Out here on BI they came into possession of Bean point after it was confiscated from the family 'cause the son was growing MJ on the property. Once they got control, they immediately put up signs all around the place denying access to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO IS NOT A USF&W PERSON!!! Now we used to go out there for picnics quite often, but now you have to sit with your ass in the water so as not to infringe on their private property!! You the taxpayer who subsidizes all this are NOT ALLOWED TO TRESPASS. But just to be a PITA I go there occasionaly and sit in the sand on the wrong side of the sign just to piss them off. The second thing they did was completely renovate the beat up old house into a pretty damned nice place for all the wheels from up in Providence to come and hang out in! This kind of stuff goes up my ass sideways! Confiscate it, then use it as your personal hideaway. A bunch of (hippo)critical rectum orifii. TIFN

Sam said...

Hey Ev, is that Bean Point across from the old Coast Guard Station at Great Salt Pond or where was that? I read about it but could never place it, being the dumb-ass I am.

Anyway, the fact that somebody's kid grew some hookie weed on some land shouldn't mean it should be protected like it was a nuclear hotspot, right? If they have some birds, let'm nest. They simply cannot keep you out of there because the State owns it, and it is public property - your property.

My suggstion - invite one of the the federal land managers on over and make him or her walk the land and tell you the facts - most are fairly cool people, honest.

Unless somebody complains in writing and has some pretty good reasons, which I think you do, these gov-mint folks are going to do what they always did.