Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Going Postal on SPI

Has anyone else had problems with the SPI post office? Sheesh, they've returned so much that we've had to call nearly all our accounts because our locals here. All the bills and trash mail comes at the end of the month and we missed clearing our box out one time and I think they started throwing mail in the trash.

Then I noticed something funny, a few letters that made it through the madness they call the local post office. The letter was crossed out on our address and said "not a valid P.O. Box" but it made it anyway. I'll have what they're drinking or smoking, because the local post master said to use our street address and the mail would automatically go to our cluster box on Lantana Street (Cluster 10, Box 1). The only thing automatic seems to be a cluster f**k.

It is so bad a local business asked me for my mailing address so I said the street address and he replied "son, you don't really live here, do you?" By now I'm about to go postal myself.

Funny, all this noise started when the Winter Texans came down to SPI to open up mail box accounts, and the poor fellows probably went over the edge. Really, the entire Island was supposed to go off P.O. boxes for real residents over a year ago - I mean I signed a piece of paper twice (and two times again!) to prove it. In the back of the cluster box it says our names and our street address. How hard is that?

Sorry to say it, but when I need important stuff like goods and money, I use a real mail carrier. No offense, folks, but I've had stuff turned off because of the poor service. Plus, all the UPS and FedEx drivers are like way cool people, fun. I don't get that from the local U.S. Postal Service.


papabeare said...

Who hasnt had troubles with the mail here?? If ya REALLY want to have fun...try Eddie. He reminds me of the " soup nazi" on Seinfeld. You crossed the line before I called you...no mail for you!!" I have seen him be downright rude to MANY people. He has stated ( in print yet..last years island breeze...that he didnt care much for winter texans) Also,we have to tell everyone, everyone, everyone, encluding family, friends , anyone we owe money to, anyone who owes us money, anyone and everyone to use a PO box number because if they mail it to our street address it will be returned every time!! We always use either UPS or FEDEX for ALL important things cause who needs rain, snow, or gloom of night when you have the local postal service.

Ohhhh, though this place is the Worst...when we moved to here, the post office where we used to live...swore they couldnt forward our mail because Texas dosent have any islands. Took about an hour to prove they do.

Pedro said...

Eddie is really a bureaucratic potentate...At the beginning of our republicdom, Postmaster was an important position. Folks would and did directly petition our President to be postmaster. It was kinda like being mayor of a district for life and offered the petitioner distinct advantages. I think that Eddie still thinks it is that way. Eddie should wake up and smell the roses; elitist is title he could never live up to.

Anonymous said...

OK quit your bitchin...and write a letter to the Interim Post Master in Port Isabel. I DID !! I was sick of the poor service in our local post office and had a face to face with her. She said I was the only one that has complained in writing!! Write a note to our City Manager! He can, in turn, write a formal letter to the Post Master General, if enough people complain. The Post Office will send a Postal Inspector to review the situation.

I have heard stories and told mine, and tell everyone that SPI Post Office is a satellite to Port Isabel. Complain..IN WRITING...to them.

Our town is growing and needs a quality Post Office. These guys get paid well and the benefits are great too. There is NO reason for them going "postal".

Having fun, Todd

Sam said...

Good idea ... I called the local USPS and they said there were some new carriers on the Island, I don't know if they're using contractors or what. But good point, I'll write a letter.