Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Turtle Business

This Friday the Town will commemorate "turtle days" with this lovely flag created by Christy (left) and sponsored by Nancy (right). It is at 10:00 at the Island Visitor Center. Plans are that the flag will fly until the end of turtle season, when the egg-laying is finished. Oh, did we mention the Saturn Street Uke Band will be playing there?

According to Jeff over at Sea Turtle, Inc., a bunch of turtles rescued from the recent winter "cold shock" storm will be released on Monday. This is open to the public but does require a reservation on the boat, which is down by American Diving at Sea Ranch Marina. Be there at 4:30 if you've made your reservations.

Yep, we go pretty nutty about saving our turtles down here! It will be good to see them swim again.

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