Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Babe's Gets a Makeover

It was an empty, abandoned building. It was shocking pink. It used to be a strip club. It was Babe's.

Now, fortunately, somebody is doing something with it, definitely a pastel green and possibly office space.

According to the locals the building is not all that old, and was first a movie theater where you could have munchies and drinks - a concept now mainstream in hip places like Austin. Then after a metamorphosis, it became Babe's. The Town frowned as questionable folks snuck into the black doors of the shocking pink building.

Myself, I never went in those evil doors, having heard one or two contractor friends of mine blow their week's paycheck and get a DWI courtesy of Babe's. "Skank" was how they described the talent, "Skank but good at what they do." No need to go there, folks!

This was all pretty coincidental because I snapped a picture the same day Frank Bruni of New York Times wrote about how good the steaks are at some strip clubs. I think that's where they get the term "New York Strip Steak."

No wisecracks about the buns, hear?

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