Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Manana Time

Lot's of catching up to do, but here's a good one - the US Congress decided it would be a good idea to change Daylight Savings from April to early March - that's March 11th this year, right around the corner. Well, that ought to screw up all the time-conscious people and half the computers!

Out here on the Island, such matters are almost laughable. You ask for a contractor bid and the fellow might be there in five minutes or five days.

Now all this was so some yahoo politicians could claim they were saving the US of A billions of dollars in energy. Now wait a minute, won't is be dark if we "spring ahead" so we have to wake up an hour earlier? I'm clueless here - it sounds like more energy would be required but who am I to say and why do I even give a darn?

Maybe we need to pass a law that says it's five o'clock here all the time. I've never seen such hooey in many a year.


gulfless said...

I don’t know how this saving of daylight is going to work, but I’ll give it a try. For us working types who get off work around 5pm, winter sucks. Going to work before sunup and getting off just in time to see it dip behind the horizon. This might be impractical for the entire United States, but if they would accommodate me, I want sundown to occur every day at exactly 7:45pm. That would give me a little time to get somewhere after work, maybe have a bite to eat, go for a walk, and enjoy a casual sunset. That would be great in the winter, spring, and fall. In the summer, where I waste daylight time, it would work out well also. I wouldn’t have to wait until 8:30pm for sundown, and the temperature might dip below 95 somewhere near bedtime. Recalculating the time every single day of the year may cause some inconvenience for others, but I don’t care. It’s high time that the world rewards me for all of my hard work.

Sam said...

Hey Gulfless, interesting you should bring that up. Back in the old railroad days every railroad had its own time and time changes. There was Santa-Fe time, Missouri-Pacific time, and all kinds of madness. The locals got pissed off because of the railroad monopolies - and because they controlled the clocks - that the US Congress had to step in and divide the country into four time zones. Then they added daylight savings during the war effort and allowed some exemptions, such as Phoenix has even today. The rest is pretty much history.