Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It is true, scallops are native to this area in far South Texas. You can find a few old shells on the beach and according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, there are even some wild ones in the Laguna Madre, since they do net surveys every year.

It is also really good eating, although most scallops come from the colder northern climates. I guess the prospect of eating scallops lead me to write this article. It's expensive but you can get them cheaper at a real seafood store, frozen.

I didn't know this but in Europe they eat the whole animal, not just the center muscle known as the "eye." Us whacky Americans, I guess it's too gross although we'll eat oysters for some mysterious reason. Part of the problem is that the scallop boats that go out to sea are out there for many days, and scallops will die, lose moisture, and rot if not cleaned and refrigerated or frozen right away.

The "real thing" is catching them right out of the bay. I did that up in New England for a summer or two just a few times. We used old laundry baskets to get them. I wish we were positively infested with them down here ... I would give up all meat except for my favorite seafood!

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