Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Global Warming Burgers

That contraption there is a solar concentrator built for about $450. The design was suggested for use in Africa to help provide power and cooking heat. About 25 flat mirrors can "dial in" the sun to focus on the nerddle there, which can reach extreme temperatures of maybe 1,200 degrees. Pretty cool huh, like space age?

The scientists did agree that the only side effect was sometimes it caught on fire. I sure hope they're working on the safety aspects if they export it or sell it commercially, but from a Dave Barry perspective that even makes it a better project.

So my business model would be called "Global Warming Burgers" and we would have organic veggie burgers to bison. I think you might need a space suit to operate it, which I'm sure the kids would find fascinating. Poof, your burger is done! It's all in the angle of the mirror dangle I believe. Of course, business hours would have to be in broad daylight, but who really wants a burger on a gray day anyway?

Speaking of burgers and space age stuff, the New York Times reports that the crapper on the International Space Station just went kaflooie, and yes company is coming over next weekend. Maybe they need one of these little honeys, think? That's called taking care of business!

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