Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Boogies

Our dog is really nice and affectionate but one thing she does not like is "the boogies." Those would be the SPI opossum. Our dog can sniff one at 50 yards. She even knows it when I talk about "the damn tequatche," the Mexican word. It drives her nuts!

This island has a serious case of the boogies.

I don't know how the possum know, but one of them always has to check our porch for cat and dog food every night, as if they were New York cops on rotation. I've cornered them many times. Of course, poor Malia our dog looks like she's going through two layers of hurricane-proof glass. She doesn't like the boogie to say the least. We have to close the bedroom doors so she doesn't freak us out in the middle of the night.

I've been through the Town thing where you use a humane trap and try to catch the varmints. It didn't work that good here because I caught all my house cats, who are pigs. Old Jeff across the street caught three possum and two wild cats in one trap, probably an island record, but I didn't have any and I have great bait.

Can't we do better? I hate to think we should mow and pave over the entire island because we can't take care of a very simple animal control problem, them and the feral cats.


Mike said...

While in Tulum last week, the dogs of Solimon Bay killed an opossum on the beach. I asked our Mayan housekeepers what they called it in Spanish and they said it was a Zorro. I know that Zorro in Spanish means fox (we all watched Zorro as kids, right?)Perhaps it is just a Mayan thing, yo no se...

Sam said...

Zorro was cool!!