Sunday, May 11, 2008


It was a big Saturday on the sand spit. On Sunday morning the island is very quiet, some possibly nursing varying degrees of a hangover … or just being Sunday morning quiet. It is completely becalmed and you can hear birds for miles, or a loud motorcycle going over the causeway.

The election was a big deal, with Bob Pinkerton, JoAnn Evans, and Rick Ridolfi winning by large margins. Jake threw a big election party with free booze and a band. Congratulations to all the contenders and the winners. I wonder if other towns have so much fun just for voting?

From Jake’s we motored up Gulf Boulevard to the Wanna, which was being rocked by the Bongo Dogs. They were in fine form and yes, I was their star Frog Player once again. Everything was going very well until a lady in a red dress did an incredible back-flip into the musicians. It looked painful but she recovered after revealing that she obviously wasn’t wearing any panties, which didn’t seem to bother anyone. She could have been electrocuted. All seemed OK.

Except for Cathy’s trombone.

I didn’t know until the close of the last song that the lady in red had bent Cathy’s trombone, right in that part that slides back and forth. I was wondering why Cathy started looking cross-eyed in those last few songs. David her husband told me “well yeah she’s pissed, she broke her ax!” I hope it can be rescued.

Otherwise it was a wonderful evening although we had to navigate carefully on the way home because of all the midnight traffic. I don’t recall it being so busy in the weeks just before Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

Oh sure, I was at the wrong party again. I was hanging out with the Mayor when I should have been watching back flips!

Oh, and I am sure the Frog thing was nice too. Not sure how that works Sam, which end do you blow into??
Back flips....sigh.


Sam said...

We don't smoke them or something, for gosh sakes Ray Dean.

It's really more like a wooden toad replica with a bumpy back and a cute (and loud) schnoze. It's kinda hollow. You have a small drumstick you run the over the bumps and the thang goes "croak."

You can go "ribbitt" like a bullfrog if you want. Any horny female toad, tree frog, or regular frog within 50 feet can't resist. My wife Lori thinks it's hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think my dad had 2 or 3 frogs like that. I think he picked them up in Branson or some such place. I never thought of them as musical instruments. He also had a wooden whistle that sounded rather like a train whistle. I really didn't think that you smoked them, though it sounds at least possible that some of the crowd may have smoked something.

Having said that I am more interested in backflips than frogs. Sounds like fun except for the trombone.