Monday, May 26, 2008

Let's Talk Boats

I think I'm in love! Here is a Carolina Skiff from a company that sells traditional hull designs called Spira International. They just don't make boats like these anymore, unless you build one yourself or find one somebody else built. In fact if you Goggle "Carolina skiff" you'll get about a dozen models of fiberglass bay boats that don't even look remotely like the above picture.

Sure, you'll need to build a hull and buy a motor - I like the old Evenrude two-stroke 25 HP engines - but it certainly is cheaper than buying a new fiberglass wonder that costs as much as a brand new pickup truck. Besides, see those high sides and pointy bow: they're more seaworthy. I'm looking at $75 for plans and about a grand in cheap lumber, fasteners, fiberglass and paint. I haven't priced an old motor and trailer, though.

Lori wants a nice Bimini Top for shade in the middle, which is fine with me as long as I can cast and troll off the stern. Shade is good down here on SPI.

The one pictured is a 19-foot Carolina with a Vee bottom to handle chop and spray better. It is harder to build than the flat bottom version so I'll have to think about that. We'll see, but all sounds like fun to me - and the gas savings sounds like a real winner!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Glen-L-Marine catalog online? Or Clark Craft?? Their are several places with great boat plans. Maybe consider a sailboat with the rising fuel prices.