Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Day on the Bay

My poop-machine (Malia the dog) and I went down to the street end, since it such a beautiful day. Yesterday's rage with big waves and brown water had cleaned up very well. In fact the water was crystal clear. I did notice a few things, such as no hermit crabs, which used to number in the hundreds several years ago. Then Malia had to investigate the ... ugh ... smellier side of life. And boy did we strike pay dirt! Here's a shot of our town storm sewer obviously making joyous amounts of blue-green algae. I wonder if that is supposed to be normal, as I hadn't seen that down here.

A wider shot shows that the algae is not just from the storm sewer outfall but is general along the bayside. There also is a curious foam line as well - it was much more impressive at dead low tide (no camera then). Such algae growth is usually associated with fertilizers, wastewater, and stuff like that. However, during spring warming some rotting and bacterial decomposition can be expected.

I washed the dog when we got back. Ever noticed that when the shake they can nail ya really good?

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