Monday, March 31, 2008

Padre Under Siege

South Padre Under Siege
Melissa Hooey
March 31, 2008
Associated Press

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND. Late this evening the Queen Isabella Causeway was shut down and helicopters circled overhead looking for a band of narco-terrorists that had landed boats and a submarine to the north of South Padre Island. Some gunfire was heard although there are no official reports at this time.

On authority who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to talk to the media said "it looks like a submarine, which was small and home-built, had a mechanical failure and the go-fast drug boats came along to off-load the goods. They ended up on the beach."

So far we are unable to substantiate the rumor that a large shrimp boat also ran up on the beach in the same area with 30 to 60 heavily armed men who had held a county parks ranger and two visiting campers as ransom. Park Road 100, which runs up the Island in that direction, is currently closed at Andy Bowie Park. It seems to some locals that some terrorists had taken over the north part of South Padre Island, and it would be daylight before more could be learned about this tragic event.


Everett said...

Hey Sam, Any new info about this yet? Sounds like old BI back in the Prohibition days! Hope all is well

Everett said...

DUH is this a 4/1/08 item???

Sam said...

Yeah, I'm not a very good fibber am I? Hehe, enjoy,

Lucinda said...

O I dunno, I thought it was a petty good fib.

Mike said...

Oh God, War of the Worlds!

Everett said...

The local paper does one every year and every time I fall for it! This time they had one on how the ferry company was going to raise the rates to make the wealthy pay through the nose. I swallowed it all till they quoted someone named I.M. Fulovit!!

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is it was too believable. I caught the April Fool, yet found myself thinking.....could have happened. The sub thing is a stretch...the rest I expect to see on the nightly news.

Good post Sam